Captain launches ‘Superyacht Sunday School’

by Triton Staff

Capt. Hugo Luis Ortega Jr. transformed his yachting experiences into empowerment for yacht crew with a new crew career consulting business. Superyacht Sunday School opened last year and offers services such as personal consultations and CV assistance for new and veteran crew. 

The impetus for the business came from Ortega’s experiences working on yachts where he witnessed unsafe procedures and improper personal behavior onboard. The company recently added a 6-week course to cover how to break into yachting, including safety and mandatory certifications, CV workshops, networking and dayworking details, recruitment agencies, how to compare job offers, and Seafarers Employment Agreements. 

“I really want to empower people to have knowledge before they get on a boat,” Capt. Ortega said. “I don’t want people to settle. There are over 10,000 yachts — you don’t have to take that first offer. If you’ve gotten an offer, that proves you’re doing something right in the first place.” 

Holding both U.S. and U.K. licenses, including Officer of the Watch and chief mate, and a degree in engineering from the University of Florida, he shares expertise from eight years in the industry, and he works with co-founder, Shelby Hayn, who has been in yachting for six years.