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PYC Cayman stands as a beacon of innovation in yacht crew employment, payroll and administration. We are a Cayman Islands-based entity offering a multi-faceted alternative to traditional payroll services. Our distinctive approach involves employing crew members through a Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) and leasing them back to the yacht. The results are transformative.

For commercial vessels, we go beyond the call of duty to meet all the legal obligations set forth by the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC). This includes ensuring that crew members enjoy comprehensive health benefits, regulated crew leave, access to detailed monthly pay stubs, and seamless repatriation services. Our efficient payroll processing, managed from our Cayman office, ensures that crew members are compensated in a timely and accurate manner.

The Superyacht Training Academy, Cape Town, is an elite maritime Institute providing Internationally recognised training for professional yacht crew. We pride ourselves in releasing crew into the Superyacht Industry who are confident, competent, and responsible.

Our comprehensive programmes for Superyacht Deckhand, Stewardess and Chef are world-class training programmes that equip Superyacht personnel to performing at their optimum. Our career packages focus on the primary qualifications needed to assure success in obtaining the best jobs and maintaining them as a chosen career path. Our courses can be tailored to suit your individual requirements or added to any career programme to bolster your chances of securing lucrative employment contracts worldwide.

PROFESSIONAL YACHT CV: Stand out from the crowd with professional yacht-related CVs that guarantee your application floats to the top. Our comprehensive CV packages include editable cover letters, CV business cards with QR codes, and expert interview preparation questions. Benefit from our insider knowledge, masterfully crafted by an experienced yachtie who knows exactly what employers are searching for. 

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